Innovations in Agriculture 6: e32873, doi: 10.25081/ia.2023-06
A comprehensive review of medicinal uses and phytochemicals isolated from Caralluma tuberculata
expand article infoHaania Ishaq, Kalidoss Rajendran, Kainat Nisar
Open Access
Caralluma tuberculata N.E. Brown is a xerophytic, perennial herb. Asclepiadaceae is the family where it originates. The species C. tuberculata has been the subject of investigation by the biologists because either the crude extracts or the purified compounds have a wide variety of biological activities such as anti-cancer, anti-diabetic, antioxidant, anti-microbial and to cure human diseases such as stomach disorders, diabetes, muscular ache, skin problems and as appetizer. The present article made the review on phytochemical and pharmacological activity of C. tuberculata and summarized the biological activities of the crude solvent extracts. Finally, it can be concluded that the crude extracts of C. tuberculata have both in vitro and in vivo biological activities.
Asclepiadaceae, phytochemcial activity, pharmacological activity.